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"Our world needs less gurus and more teachers. Gurus are about helping themselves become successful - teachers are about helping others become successful." - Joseph C. Kunz Jr.

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Including Bowties, "Go Go No Mo"-A Shorting Strategy For Efficient Stocks, Trading For Both Short-term AND Longer-term Gains

Dave Landry's Tradng Service-Foresight In Hindsight Edition

Introduction To Trading Dave Landry's Methodology/Getting Started

Dave Landry's Hybrid Approach To Trading Trends

Dave Landry's Intro To Trading Part 1

Dave Landry's Intro To Trading Part 2

The Best Trend Indicator In The World

(Dave Landry's Most Hated YouTube Video)

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Setting Up  Your Computers For Trading

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How To Scan For Stocks

An Easy Way To Find Strength In Stock, Sectors, And ETFs

Trading The Bowtie Pattern

Getting Started Trading IPOs

A Trader's Journey

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The Guy Who Screams On TV

17 Secrets To Successful Trading

Marketers love to prey upon you because they know that you’re searching. And, I quote: “Make 10 million in just 10 minutes a day.”  See the real 17 secrets to trading. 

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Make Your Portfolio Great Again

You have to truly believe in what you’re doing. If you truly believe in your methodology and more importantly, have embraced both the good and the bad, then it will be much easier to execute. See how to make your portfolio great again.