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08/16/19 NOW with Dave Landry-Keeping The Lights On While Waiting On Trend Trades
Opening gap reversals (OGRes) aren't the bread and butter of the trend trader, but they can help to keep the lights on....
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08/19/19 Dave Landry’s Market In A Minute-What To Do While Waiting On Follow Through
The Nasdaq and S&P both had recent Bowtie sell signals trigger. The Russell 2000 and many sectors banged out new[...]
Podcasts: 08/08/19 Dave Landry’s The Week In Charts-What The Simple Systems Are Saying
In this episode, I focus on the state of the markets. What are the simple market timing systems saying. Is it time to exit the markets? I then when on to analyze your favorite stock picks and show you one of my own.
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Dave Landry is a real trader who knows his stuff. Too many in this business are fakes. Anyone who can teach others to trade must also trade. Dave's books and courses are valuable; I have no problem recommending them.

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