Dave Landry on Trading – Swing to Intermediate-term Trend Following
Dave Landry’s The Week In Charts: How Stocks In A Bear Market Are Like Rats Leaving A Ship
In this episode, I continued my discussion on how shorter-term sell signals have already triggered and that we are getting closer to much longer-term sell signals. I went on to discuss what happens to stocks in a bear market and how eventually, the falling tide sinks all ships. And last, but certainly not least, I fielded your questions and analyzed your favorite stock picks.
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Dave Landry’s The Week In Charts-Bear Market Signals?, PLUS Simple Tweaks That Could Make You Successful
In this episode, I continued to look at short-term and potential much longer-term sell signals in the indices. I went on to discuss how minor tweaks might be all that stands between you and your success. And, last but not least, I fielded your questions and analyzed your favorite stock picks.
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Charles Mathonsi Trader

Surprised with results...


Hi Dave,

I've been trading Forex for a couple of years now, with very mixed results. A while back I came across your website and registered and went through the free material you're offering, articles, webinars anything I could find I read and watched. I never really sat down and developed a trading methodology that I followed "like a true gospel.” Frustrated with the results I was getting, I went back to the drawing board and looked at all of the trading material I had accumulated over the years. I got rid of almost everything in my trading library except your material. At the beginning of this year, I really immersed myself in your teachings. I put together a simple plan that would have me trade trends, I would not even try to play a trend reversal trade, no matter how great the setup looked.

I was very surprised with the results, sticking to the plan turned my trading from shooting from the hip and getting mediocre results, to consistently making small profits. The best thing is my trading became more stress free.

So I made a decision that I would like to be mentored by you as it was your teachings that turned around my trading.

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