Dave Landry on Trading – Swing to Intermediate-term Trend Following
Trading Is Not Exactly A Game Of Exacts-Perfectionist Need Not Apply
I’m often asked about “exacts” when it comes to trading. Where exactly should I place my stop? Exactly how many days constitutes a trend? Exactly how deep should a stock pull back? The list goes on and on. Unfortunately,
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Gary Kaltbaum Money Manager

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........ But coming from me – someone who is my own biggest critic as well as a critic of Wall Street – you best realize that Mr. Landry is in the top 1% of people on Wall Street. He is clear, he is concise, and he is right more than he is wrong. AND more importantly, when he is wrong he doesn’t just sit there and fight the tape. He adjusts unlike [many] of the bonehead strategists on Wall Street; stop reading and listening to him at your own risk.

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