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Dave Landry’s The Week In Charts: 17 Secrets To Trading
In this episode, I discussed 17 secrets of trading. And, last, but not least, I answered your questions and gave you my 2 cents on your stock picks.
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"You've Been Lied To"

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There's a huge myth on Wall Street. Understanding this and how markets really work will help you to develop the proper mentality of why you must learn how to trade properly. And, if you're more experienced but have found yourself struggling, embracing these facts will help you to get back on track. Watch videos....

17 Secrets To Successful Trading
Marketers love to prey upon you because they know that you’re searching. And, I quote: “Make 10 million in just 10 minutes a day.” I was actually approached to mail that to my newsletter subscribers. You can’t make this stuff up. No one knows exactly what a market will do-not you, not me, and not the guy who screams on TV. This is actually huge.
04/25/18 Dave Landry’s Market In A Minute-Be Selective And Consider A Short Or Two
The major indices continue to sell off out of their retrace rally. In light of this action, make sure that[...]
04/13/18 Now With Dave Landry
This week I read a book that suggested I continued being me, read some of a Dummies book on the brain, sat on my hands when it came trading, and some other stuff.....
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You turned my whole trading world upside down and fixed it.....

You may use anything you want that I said.You could also add that I was using one plan then another then another then back to the first one. I wasn't always using stops and was placing them too tight. I just didn't have the cocktail napkin: stop, entry, move stop, target, take 1/2 and move stop up, in place....my money management was horrible, with no idea of risk factors. Thanks, you've made me a better trader. Also, thanks for the education section of your website.

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