Dave Landry on Trading – Swing to Intermediate-term Trend Following
03/16/18 Now With Dave Landry
This week I published a lot of content on Trading Psychology. I also discussed an indicator that can help keep you on the right side of the market and some other stuff.
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"You've Been Lied To"

Learn How Markets REALLY WORK

There's a huge myth on Wall Street. Understanding this and how markets really work will help you to develop the proper mentality of why you must learn how to trade properly. And, if you're more experienced but have found yourself struggling, embracing these facts will help you to get back on track. Watch videos....

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“Why Is It So Difficult To Be A Consistent And Successful Trader?”
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Grady Beeson Private Trader

This may be my port in the storm.


Just finished your book for the first read and liked it very much (Layman's). I've searched the seven seas for the holy grail and have returned full circle. This (Trading Full Circle course) may be my port in the storm.



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