Dave Landry on Trading – Swing to Intermediate-term Trend Following
12/05/18 Now With Dave Landry
Over the past few weeks, I finished another behavioral finance book, took some trades and profits, published a ton of content, and some other stuff.
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Dave Landry’s The Week In Charts: What Trend Following Is, And Isn’t; PLUS Major Market Sell Signals
In this episode, I discussed what trend following is and isn't. I also continued my discussion on the fact that potentially major market signals are triggering. And last, but not least, I fielded your trading questions and analyzed your favorite stock picks.
Love The Trend That You’re In
The following was published over 4-years ago. And, it is just as relevant today.
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Rick Palumbo

Private Trader


You turned my whole trading world upside down and fixed it.....

You may use anything you want that I said.You could also add that I was using one plan then another then another then back to the first one. I wasn't always using stops and was placing them too tight. I just didn't have the cocktail napkin: stop, entry, move stop, target, take 1/2 and move stop up, in place....my money management was horrible, with no idea of risk factors. Thanks, you've made me a better trader. Also, thanks for the education section of your website.

Much Success,


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