Dave Landry on Trading – Swing to Intermediate-term Trend Following
Learn How To Trade The Stock Market Trends Properly
Technical Analysis - Money Management - Trading Psychology
How To Make Your Portfolio Great Again
There are five simple steps that you can take to make your portfolio great again.
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04/17/19 Dave Landry’s Market In A Minute-Wait For Setups While The Market Remains Overbought
The S&P and Nasdaq continue to hang in there. However, they have lost steam and remain overbought on both a[...]
04/12/19 Now With Dave Landry-The Fastest Way To Grow (and Blow Up) An Account
Over the past few weeks, I finished yet another behavioral science book, started a book on a magical formula, traded Crypto, a Hot IPO, FOREX...
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Dave Landry is a real trader who knows his stuff. Too many in this business are fakes. Anyone who can teach others to trade must also trade. Dave's books and courses are valuable; I have no problem recommending them.

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