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04/23/24 “Otherwise, This Could Be The Start Of Something Bigger:”Dave Landry’s Market In A Minute
Dave Landry's Market in a Minute archives can now be found on Dave's YouTube Channel:
What It Means To Be A Trend Following Moron Part Three: Dave Landry’s The Week In Charts
Dave continues his discussion on how you're trading traders, not markets when it comes to trading Crypto (or any other[...]
04/18/24 Your Daily Daily Five Featuring Dave Landry
04/17/24 Your Daily Five host Dave Landry has switched from bullish to cautious as one of the longest winning streaks[...]
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Greg Morris

Greg Morris


Dave Landry is a real trader who knows his stuff. Too many in this business are fakes. Anyone who can teach others to trade must also trade. Dave's books and courses are valuable; I have no problem recommending them.

Greg Morris - Retired money manager who oversaw the management of over $6 Billion in assets using technical analysis.

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