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How To Pick The Best Stocks

More Winners, Fewer Losses


StockpickinghandbuttonIt has been said that money management is the “Holy Grail” of trading. Cutting losses and riding winners is important but I’ll take that one step further. Your best defense is a good offense—more winners and fewer losses. Pick the best stocks to begin with and the money management will take care of itself. This also solves for emotional mistakes. It is much easier to follow your trading plan if you are in the right stocks. So, ride your winners and cut your losses but make sure you are in the best of the best stocks to begin with. Read more and watch a free video that will help you to pick better stocks….

 There’s A Bull Market In Initial Public Offerings



Capitalizing On The Promise Of The Future:

How To Get Aboard The Next Big Initial Public Offerings


The Next Big Thing

What will be the next big thing? Will it be an alternate energy source? A cure for the incurable?  Cannabis? Or, will it be something something less lofty or controversial such as the next  food or fashion trend? The good news is that with initial public offerings (IPOs) you don’t have to guess. If a company comes public to fill a need the stock will skyrocket. Read more and watch a video that will help you to find the next big thing….. 

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