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Dave Landry has been actively trading the markets since the early 90s. He is managing member of Sentive Trading, LLC (est 1995) and author of 3 books of trading including The Layman’s Guide to Trading Stocks. He has made several television appearances, written articles for numerous magazines, He has spoken at trading conferences throughout the world (including Russia, Hong Kong, Australia, Germany, Italy, and others). He has been publishing daily web based commentary on technical trading since 1997. He has a B.S. in Computer Science and an MBA. He was registered Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) from 1995 to 2009. He is a board member of the American Association of Professional Technical Analysts. Dave can be reached at www.davelandry.com

Dave Landry

StockCharts.TV Trading Simplified: Holding Dead Money Positions, Insights From Jesse Livermore

By Dave Landry | StockCharts.TV

Trade Successfully

In his final show, Dave shows his methodology in action by sharing two positions that he continues to hold even though most of the time they were “dead money” and why he applied discretion to stick with a losing position to possibly avoid a loss. He also provided a “where are we now” update to the TFM 10% System. He then shifted gears to resume and finish his series on Jesse Livermore. This week, he covered the fact that something is wrong with a stock if it’s going down, how the market is a “discounting mechanism,” and “what is, is” when it comes to markets. Dave then summarized some of the best quotes and thoughts from Livermore while adding in his own two cents.


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