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Please Help Charles “Charlie” Kirk

By Dave Landry | Random Thoughts

"What You Need To Know"

Charles "Charlie" Kirk, publisher of the excellent Kirk Report, great friend, and all-around good guy, is fighting for his life. He was in a bad accident on 10/22/23 which left him with 12 broken ribs and a severed spinal cord. If he makes it, he will be a paraplegic. The details from the "Kirk Report" are below.

Please contribute to his medical GoFundMe. NO amount is too small! Click here ( to donate.

From the latest KirkReport:


Charlie Kirk, mentor and teacher of investors and traders around
the world and an avid pickleball player, has had a devastating
accident. His pickleball friends know him as “Bear.” He has
provided invaluable trading insights and guidance for countless
individuals through The Kirk Report since the turn of the century.
Charlie exemplifies what it means to be truly dedicated to his job
and to his people. Now he faces challenges unlike any he has ever
had to imagine.

On Sunday, October 22 he was riding ATVs (4 wheeler) with a
good friend in Christmas Valley, Oregon. At the top of a tall sand
dune, he stopped out of precaution to survey the terrain. The stop
triggered a sand avalanche on the other side, out of view. The
sand under one wheel gave way, sending Charlie and the ATV
rolling downhill. They rolled three time before reaching the
bottom of the valley, where the 700-pound ATV landed on top of
Charlie. It was only because of his friend’s swift actions that he
survived. He was life-flighted to the hospital in Bend. As you can
imagine, if he survives, the accident will result in a complete
lifestyle change with immense medical bills including both
hospital and rehabilitation, remodeling at home, and the gigantic
endeavor of learning how to live without the use of most of his
body. The doctors have told him he will be confined to a
wheelchair for the rest of his life. He will have to give up
pickleball, walks with his wife, and most parts of a normal life.
In addition to a severed spinal cord, Charlie has twelve broken
ribs, including ribs on both right and left sides, front and back,
with many ribs broken in two places. He is in critical condition
and at the time of writing is still in the ICU.

Charlie’s determination is a big part of his character and he very
much hopes to return to the work and the people he is so
passionate about. The paralysis is from the mid-chest down,
which means he is expected to retain fairly good control of his
arms and hands. His doctors’ best guess is that he will be in the
hospital and rehabilitation for two to three months, before
returning home and adjusting to his new life. A major goal is to
return to his labor of love: The Kirk Report.

Given the challenges ahead, your help would be immensely
Rachel Kirk

P.S. The Kirk Report is put on hold, with memberships suspended
(no loss of membership time while he is away). Many have said
they would like to help out. If you care to help, we will be
immensely appreciative. Here is a link.
Thank you for your support.
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