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Market Updates And Trading Lessons

Dave Landry’s The Week In Charts: Crazy For Crypto-How Long Will It Last?, Plus Major Buy Signals Imminent
Dave delves into why he's crazy about crypto (for now, and how it's not about the Crypto!), shares how his[...]
Dave Landry’s The Week In Charts: Trading Intra-day(?), ShizzCoins, IPOs, Plus Market Timing
Dave delves into various subjects, including whether you should trade intra-day trends (or not), his [email protected]+1 setup for IPOs, using[...]
Dave Landry’s The Week In Charts: What It Takes To Become A Successful Trader
Dave discusses various topics, including intra-day trading, his TFM 10% system, Crypto, and trading opening gap reversals. He then discussed[...]
Dave Landry’s The Week IN Charts: Free Rolling-The Secret To Longer-term Trading Success
Dave talks about how "free rolling" is the secret to your longer-term trading success. This goes for both position trades[...]
StockCharts.TV Trading Simplified: Are You Being Churchill or Einstein? 
When you hit a string of losses, you have to ask yourself: "Are you getting closer to the next big[...]
Dave Landry’s The Week In Charts-My New Take On Day Trading
In this episode, Dave gives his new take on day trading, fields your questions, analzyes current conditions, and continues his[...]
Dave Landry’s The Week In Charts-Stuff That You Need To Know When You Actually Trade
By Dave Landry | PodcastThere’s a lot of theories out there when it comes to trading. The problem is, as good as they[...]
StockCharts.TV Trading Simplified: Putting The Theory Into Practice
There are plenty of books on trading filled with great setups. However, most are missing how to actually put the[...]
Dave Landry’s The Week In Charts-Bear Market 2022: How Are We Faring? Plus, Intra-day Setups
Dave discusses how his methodology is surviving the bear market of 2022, shows you two current intra-day setups, answers your[...]
Dave Landry’s The Week In Charts: Get Ready To Trade These Landry Light Pullbacks
Based on your requests, Dave discusses his Landry Light pullbacks and how we could see setups in these areas and[...]
Dave Landry’s The Week In Charts: What Makes THE BEST Bowtie Setup?
Dave shows you his 2/30-EMA Breakout System in Crypto, discusses a "bull market without tech?," and dives deep into what[...]
Dave Landry’s The Week In Charts: Another Potpourri Of Trading Knowledge
Dave covers a lot of ground including how you will get better and better, how major changes can make a[...]
StockCharts.TV Trading Simplified: My Checklist For Bullishness
Dave recaps his recent "Harbingers Of Bottom" Week In Chart's presentation-mostly non-price events that suggest that we're getting closer to[...]
Dave Landry’s The Week In Charts: Harbingers Of A Bottom (?)
Dave discusses potential harbingers of a market bottom and then goes on to give his take using the charts. And,[...]
Dave Landry’s The Week In Charts: Last Week, At ChartCon, Plus Trading Thursday’s Reversal
In this episode, Dave talks about what he learned from the expert traders at ChartCon 2022. He then went on[...]
Dave Landry’s The Week In Charts-Why You MUST Use Market Timing
Dave rehashes why you MUST use market timing in your trading/investing. He also shows the fractal nature of patterns and[...]
10 Ground Rules For Successful Trend Trading
Are you getting fleeced by a guru? Are you confused by all those indicators? Stop! Read these simple ground rules, and get back to the basics.
Dave Landry’s The Week In Charts-Market Timing Now And Forever
Given the nature of the markets, Dave shows where his market timing systems are now and shows you techniques to[...]
Dave Landry’s The Week In Charts: You Might Be Closer Than You Think To Becoming A Successful Trader
Dave answers an email from an aspiring trader who's closer to trading success than he thinks (and maybe so are[...]
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