The Only 3 Things That You’ll Ever Need To Become A Successful Trader (part 3): Trading Psychology
We’ve now come to the most difficult part of trading: You. The mechanics of trading aren’t that difficult. Developing the proper mindset to actually trade is. I do have some good news though.
The Only 3 Things That You’ll Ever Need To Become A Successful Trader (part 2): Money And Position Management
There are only three things that you need to become a successful trader: A viable methodology, a solid money & position management plan, and the proper mindset to follow it. That’s it. In this second part of this series, I’m going to lay out a very simple, yet robust, money & position management plan but first, I’m going to stay true to “Random Thoughts” and tell some amusing anecdotes.
Dave Landry’s The Week In Charts-Doing This Might Feel Good But “You’ll Never Make Any Real Money In The Markets”
In this episode, I continued his discussion on why trend following is hard but it's the only way to make[...]
The Only 3 Things That You’ll Ever Need To Become A Successful Trader (Part 1)
To become a successful trader, first and foremost, you‘ll need A methodology. I realize that this is a bit of a “Captain Obvious” statement but you’d be surprised how many people just “wing it.” I’m not referring to novices trying to find their way by sampling methodologies. That’s understandable. I’m referring to the many
Dave Landry’s The Week In Charts-What To Do When The SHTF On A Trade
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How To Properly Trade Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) Including Snapchat
Initial public offerings (IPOs) can make for wonderful trading vehicles. Trading is the key word in that sentence. Let’s explore how to properly trade IPOs further.
17 Trading Resolutions For 2017
Are you going to be the great trader in 2017 that you were meant to be? Or, are you going to fall into your old habits? Keep these 17 Trading Resolutions and I can all but guarantee you a prosperous 2017.
How To Master Trading (and pretty much anything else)
To get good at something you not only have to work at it but you have to practice deliberate practice. You have to work to get better. Let’s break it down and then apply this to the trading process
A Wise Trader Knows Both of These Things
"A wise trader knows what he knows and what he doesn't." He knows his methodology-both the good and especially the bad. He knows to be patient while waiting for setups and to be patient once he enters.
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