Dave Landry’s The Week In Charts: The Answer To The “Trading” Riddle – Dave Landry on Trading

Dave Landry’s The Week In Charts: The Answer To The “Trading” Riddle

By Dave Landry | Dave Landry's The Week In Charts

“If you're excellent at what you do and the stars are in alignment, you win. Of course, you may run out of time first, but, if you're excellent every day, you will have furthered your chances of beating the house as much as they can be....


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About the Author

Dave Landry has been actively trading the markets since the early 90s. He is managing member of Sentive Trading, LLC (est 1995) and author of 3 books of trading including The Layman’s Guide to Trading Stocks. He has made several television appearances, written articles for numerous magazines, He has spoken at trading conferences throughout the world (including Russia, Hong Kong, Australia, Germany, Italy, and others). He has been publishing daily web based commentary on technical trading since 1997. He has a B.S. in Computer Science and an MBA. He was registered Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) from 1995 to 2009. He is a board member of the American Association of Professional Technical Analysts. Dave can be reached at www.davelandry.com