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Steve Gattis

As an ex-Trading service member, I can say I have tried every reasoning possible. This included doubting, guessing, second guessing, etc. and found the only times I was profitable is when I followed your methodology to a "T". Even though I did it mechanically, I still outperformed any attempts I made to modify/change your methodology. The method works, period. Yes, it can be boring (and negative) at times, but over time it is successful.

Craig WatsonOwner: Barking Squirrel Coffee.com

What Steve said.


​I wanted you to know that all the years reading your columns, they keep getting better. Very precise and lots of dead horses.

Mark HoemanPresident Hoeman Capital Management.com

Dear Dave, I can't thank you enough for writing "Layman's." It has very much changed the way I look at the markets.

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John Dearborn

First of all, I can't thank you enough for making so much sense about trading but even more importantly your ability to make the complex simple with humor AND patience. Those are truly gifts. I sincerely enjoy your weekly show.

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